Have you ever thought about what your funeral would look like? Do you envision a quiet chapel with solemn music and everyone dressed in black? If you do, that’s ok. This is exactly how some people want it, but not me.

I want a celebration. I want music and dancing. I want all of my favorite foods and cheesecake. I want my friends to laugh and tell stories from our youth and I want everyone to go home with a little piece of me (not literally- calm down!).

My aunts have a special gift of creating the perfect take home from a funeral. For my grandmother they created perfectly crafted button flowers to remind us of grandma’s collection of buttons and her love of sewing. When my mom passed, my aunts had photos of her paintings printed onto bookmarks as a reminder of her creativity and love of reading.

I had never seen this practice done before, favors at a funeral? But it makes so much sense, taking something tangible home when you are going through loss.

So when I go, I want everyone to leave with a succulent plant, or maybe a photo I took. Making your parting unique is easy, and planning it can be special and unforgettable.

If you have special request for your funeral, make sure to let your family know. You can also call me to set up a consultation and we can put together your parting package to help take all the guesswork out when it is time for you to make your final departure.

Posted by:lynnieheather

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