You have questions. That’s understandable.

What I offer is something different. As a matter of fact, when I started this business, I couldn’t find anyone like me in San Antonio. So the title, “Parting Planner”, I made that up. What I do isn’t being done, but I am a believer that it should be. So if you’ll allow me, I’ll tell you a little about what I do and why.

I’ll start with saying, I have been through a lot of death.

This has never been something I found particularly special. Losing loved ones isn’t something you add to your resume, ya know what I mean? But this unique quality has given me some experience. Experience in making funeral arrangements, creating beautiful programs, crafting the perfect slideshow and more.

If you have never planned a funeral, you may not realize that is can be a lot like planning a wedding, but with way more tears, relatives you hate and (usually) less alcohol. Who the heck do you even call when someone dies? Funeral homes, what do they even cost and which one is best? Flowers? Décor? Are we having food? Who’s going to speak?

The details of the to do list can be overwhelming. But they need to be done.

Because your loved one; they deserve it.

They deserve their life to be celebrated. They deserve the service, the pictures, the music, the stories… they deserve it all.

Chances are, you are not up for the planning. And that’s ok. That is exactly why I’m here.

I am not a funeral director. I can not help you with burials or cremations, but I can guide you to some of the best funeral providers in town. I can tell you who is in your area and who is in your budget. I can help you create the perfect sendoff and make the best decisions for you and your family during a time you don’t really care to make decisions at all.

If you or someone you know is needing assistance with parting planning, please head over to my contact page where we can schedule a phone call or in home consultation.

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