The answer is: absolutely, yes.

Look, I know it’s scary to think about, but here’s the cold, hard, not so easy to swallow truth: we are all, definitely, without question, going to die.

I’m 40 and personally, I am living my best life. I am far from ready. But death is something I think about every day. Why? Because death has hit me every which way, and I know that at the end of the day, I am no exception. I am not special. My age means nothing.

I will die… and I have no idea when.

When I say you should be thinking about funeral planning, I don’t mean run to the funeral home and pay outright for your funeral package. I mean, start having discussions about what you want to happen to your body when you die. Have you thought about burial (traditional or natural) or cremation (flame or water)? Do you want a viewing? A reception? There really are SO many things people need to decide once you’re gone!

And more importantly, would your family know what your wishes were if they had to plan it for you? I can tell you first hand that if you haven’t made your wishes known, this adds stress to an already stress-filled situation.

So I encourage you to open the conversation about death with your family and friends. Gain ideas about what each other would appreciate in death, even if you have to hold on to those ideas for years to come

Have questions about what your options even are? Let’s chat. I can help you narrow down some of the basics of funeral planning to share with your family. I am available in San Antonio, Texas for an in person consultation. I am also available via Zoom, FB messenger and many other ways for a remote consult.

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