Hi there, I’m Lynn. I am a mom, a wife, a family photographer and more recently, a funeral planning consultant. Wanna know how I picked up that last title?

Well keep reading…

When I was 31, the father of my 3 children died unexpectedly. This was the first close death that I had experienced since I lost my dad when I was 6. It was the first death as an adult where I actually had to made decisions and walk though funeral planning. Needless to say, this loss was a hard one. In all honestly, it made me think more and more about my own mortality. My biggest fear: that my kids would lose me and there wouldn’t be enough pictures of us. So I bought a camera.

This is where my family photography career begin. I always loved photos, but being able to help families document their family milestones, as well as my own, helped me appreciate life even more. Over the years, I have been a part of some very special photo sessions: weddings, birthdays, graduations; I was even fortunate to have a session with a man who was near the end of his life. I left this session with such a feeling of appreciation- because I was able to do one small thing with this family that I knew they would treasure for years to come.

In the last 9 years, I’ve continued to lose people close to me. My brother, my best friend and my mom. 4 months after my mom, my father-in-law.

You would think with so much loss, this girl would be a mess, huh? Well in some ways I am, but in others, I think that I live life so passionately because they didn’t get a chance to. And that’s how I got to where I am now.

My father-in-law’s passing gave me a gift. It was during his funeral that I recognized the need for someone to guild you through the funeral process and help you make the hard decisions (because you really won’t want to make any decisions at all). Walking through the planning of this service made me realize that sometimes you need an outside hand to help work out all the important details so that service that you plan is a perfect reflection of your loved one.

And so… here I am. The Parting Planner.

Some other things about me that may worth reading: I am lighthearted, a listener, creative and a bit of a dreamer.

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